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Meet Me in Seattle

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Meet me here

Wherever you might be today tomorrow Meet me

in Seattle the grey and rainy skies keep us trapped inside set us free to explore the jutting slopes of my hips the bones peer out from underneath beckon you trace undiscovered paths along their sloping curves

Meet me here in Seattle where the mountains trip and stumble down onto pebbled beaches into salty waves and dark and stormy waters keep us dry we'll soak ourselves on rocky shores but only in places where no one can see me glisten Meet me here

in Seattle the sun sets at last on your hand written letters drag pen and ink across flesh and blood your words tattooed on my body spoken felt and heard Meet me in Seattle

Meet me in Seattle I will see you for the first time I will love you for the rest of it but first you have to meet me in Seattle

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