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her, in real life

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I run from

her, in real life

wonder if she's inside me

swimming in my blood


I run into walls

hide behind closed doors

seek the warmth

that she could never give

kindle my own, then

burn down all the houses

I have never been inside

her, in real life

cool and hard like marble

and me, the statue trapped inside


waiting to be seen

chipped away by chisels

of my choosing

the hammers of

I told you so's and

Don't do that's

strike precisely

little pieces of the me's I used to be

pile up around the edges

They thought they were breaking me

her, in real life

and they, who promised my safe keeping

Had no idea they were freeing me

from their own grasp

one strike at a time

let them think they are the artist

David and I know better

the masterpiece breathes

trapped inside stone

novice strikes first

before master

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