Steph Shuff has been involved in social justice and anti-racism work since 2016. 

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This Too Shall Suck Podcast Appearance

On an episode of This Too Shall Suck, a podcast by Loryn Wellman, Steph discusses her work in social justice, how she understands privilege as a white woman in America, and what other white people can do to transition from "I'm not racist" to "I am anti-racist."

Steph's perspective can be heard below. The full episode, published on June 11, 2020 can be heard wherever you get your podcasts.

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Income Movement Writer and

Founding Board Member

Steph is a Founding Board Member of Income Movement, a 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to advancing a universal basic income in the United States. She is also a regular contributor to the Income Movement blog. 

Learn more about universal basic income at, or read her work on the Income Movement blog at


Selected Writing: The Hard Limits of Identity Politics

In this personal narrative, Steph grapples with the power and the limitations of identity politics.

"If identity is all that matters, if being black, white, male, female, gay, straight, Democratic or Republican, represents both the base and the peak of our political identities, how can we possibly survive in a world where one particular identity cannot be trusted to speak for any other identity?"