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Phantom Love

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

The photos have all been set aflame

Cold dry ashes are what remain

Could I save them? Hide them? I wouldn’t dare

If I can’t see it then it isn’t there

Bold bright flashes are what remain

Deep impressions carved by a lover’s game

I can see him and I know he’s there

My memories prevail though the frames are bare

Steep depression brought by a lover’s name

A shattered heart but who’s to blame?

My memories unveil the shame I bear

We ran from love, caught unaware

A tattered heart, but who’s been maimed?

Scars do not slash the lover’s frame

Who runs from love, not unaware

That love is heavy, severe, unfair

Wars crash inside this lover’s brain

Desire versus fear and pain

Our love was heavy, sincere, and fair

But the cost of it all was too much to bear

My desire crushed by the fear of pain

Cold dry ashes are what remain

The cost of it all, too much to bear

I can still feel it but it isn’t there

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