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I was feeling sorry for myself

you're having a baby with someone else

but all at once it occurred to me

when you look at her you think of me

I was the one you wanted

Now all of your loves are haunted

I was feeling sorry for myself

then I remembered I love someone else

I look at him and I feel free

he's everything I needed you to be

Sometimes the room feels haunted

you were never the man I wanted

You hated my writing, hated my past

hated my politics, hated my sass

made it hard to fill the oversized hole

you left by loving my body and hating my soul

Was I ever the one you wanted?

All along our love was haunted

The river runs dry between you and me

Now you get what you asked for — the poetry

I tried to warn you but you wouldn't see

the writing comes rushing at the end of we

Isn't this what you wanted?

Your poetry is here and haunted.

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